Exercise at home


Please consult with your physician before beginning an exercise program. If you’re unsure how to perform an exercise safely, please don’t do it. If something hurts, please listen to your body and stop. Exercise should not be painful, however, you may experience soreness after performing an exercise. This is normal. Pain and soreness are not the same thing. If you need assistance or have questions about these exercise at home videos, please contact me.

No more excuses

It’s now easier, more than ever, to exercise at home! With the gyms currently closed, you can exercise at home and let the fear of embarrassment leave your thought process! You don’t have equipment? That’s okay. You can use a chair, water bottles, cans of soup, and especially your own body weight. Stop making excises for why you can’t exercise at home today!

Make it your own

When planning your at-home work out, you can plan to do each set of exercises 1 to 3 times (1-3 sets). Sets can either be done for a certain amount of time (especially the plank) or a certain number of repetitions. Depending on your current fitness level, you can start with 5 reps and do as many as 20 reps ;or start with 10 seconds and work your way up to 1 minute. Happy Moving. – Jennifer

Warm Up

Before any exercise program, always properly warm up to prepare your muscles and joints for the work you’re about to perform. For those of you who love to dance, follow this to-the-beat warm up.

Your warm up should mimic the exercise program. Use the no weight/light weight warm up before performing resistance exercises.

No equipment necessary

If you’re new to exercise, I recommend starting with the beginner chair work out.

Resistance training with little to no equipment

Resistance exercise comes in many forms. In the following videos, I will show you how to use resistance bands, mini bands, and dumbbells to work all the major muscle groups in a matter of minutes. For strength training, choose heavier resistance and perform 8-12 reps (1-3 sets). For muscle endurance training, use lighter resistance and perform 15-25 reps (1-3 sets).